Latest & Best Smartwatches Under 10000 Rs in India 2016

Smartwatches have become very popular in the modern era with different ranges and technology. Many companies have come into the field of technology. Companies like Pebble, Samsung, Apple, Motorola, Fossil and Tag Heuer are offering a variety of smart watches under affordable price range. This has made the industry interesting. There are smartwatches available under INR 10000 and here are the top 5 smartwatches available under this price range.

5. Pebble Technology Corp Classic 301BL Smartwatch

This is one of the best smartwatches under this range. The attractive design and the impressive features have made this smartwatch one of the best in this industry. It can be used for the notification and alert options. However, the smartwatch can be equally used for various other purposes like Music on the go and others. You can even download different apps in order to make it one of the most effective smartwatches available in the market. It is available in market at INR 5999 only.

Price INR 5999
Model 301BL
Display 1.26 inches
Processor STM Cortex M3
RAM 128 MB
Storage 4 MB

4. Sony SmartWatch

Sony is one of the most reputed brands in the world for the high quality products. The Sony Smartwatch is also considered one of the best products under affordable ranges. The smart watch can also be used with a Bluetooth device and one can also use social media sites and other android apps. . However, the smartwatch does not have inbuilt Wi-Fi system but can be connected with the phone through Bluetooth.  It has the range 10 meters that help the smartwatch remains connected with the smartphone through Bluetooth. It helps the user to get all the notifications and the alerts as well. It is powered by the 110 mAh battery and that gives good battery life.

Price INR 7163
Model 1254-6627
Display 1.3-inch
Processor 120MHz STM32F205RG
RAM 128 KB
Storage 1 MB

3. ZGPAX S6 Smart Watch

ZGPAX S6 Smart Watch offers overall health monitoring with sleep monitor, pedometer and calorie tracker functionality. It is drop resistant and protected by the Gorilla glass. It is waterproof as well and offers ranges of other services. Smart Watch Universal is available in market at the rate of INR 7914 only.  This is one of the most featured smart watches in this range. The smart watch can have extended storage as well.

Price INR 7914
Model 1254-6627
Display 1.3 inches
Processor Cortex A9 dual core
RAM 512 MB
Storage 4 GB
Battery 2-3 Days

2. Pebble Technology Corp Time 501-00021 Smartwatch

This is one of the most popular smartwatches available in the market within this range. It can be used to listen to music and at the same time can be used for notifications and alert. It has the 30 meters range and that makes it very interesting. Pebble Technology Corp Time Smart Watch is compatible with both android and IOS devices and supports Multilanguage applications. . The smart watch is available in market at INR 9890 only.

Price INR 9890
Model 501-00021
Display 1.25 inches
Processor STM Cortex M3
RAM 128 MB
Storage 4 MB

1. LG G Watch

LG G Watch

This is the best smartwatch within this range and is known for the high quality features. There are many features like notification alerts and more are associated with the smartwatch. The high specifications of the phone make it one of the most interesting one. This is based on Android Wear with 240 PPI display.

Price INR 9399
Model LG  G
Display 1.65 inches
Processor dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor
RAM 512 MB
Storage 4 GB
Battery 300 mAh

Many technology giants have flooded the market with a variety of smart watches within the range and has turned this market interesting.

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