Top 6 Best 110CC Bikes to buy in India 2016

Here is a little known fact. The “CC” in 110CC stands for cubic centimeters. This pertains to the size of the engines and this plays a very important role in the speed of bikes. These bikes are the best option for any person looking for a budget bike that has a great mileage. They move at a decent speed, and are not very heavy which makes them the best choice for daily commute.

Here are the top six 110cc bikes in India.

1: Hero Passion X Pro


Price: INR 47,852
Mileage: 86 kmpl
Details: The Hero Passion X Pro comes with new graphic designs and a digital-analog combo meter. This meter also has the unique feature of reminding you of timely servicing. Another amazing feature of this bike is the VLRA battery, which is known to be a maintenance free battery. The bike comes fitted with the most advanced pro series digital variable ignition.

2: Honda Livo

Honda Livo

Price: INR 57,090
Mileage: 74 kmpl
Details: Honda is always known to deliver power and style. The Honda Livo does not disappoint either. The bike is available in four-color combinations – pearl amazing white, black, athletic blue metallic, and sunset brown metallic. The Honda Livo comes pre-fitted with tubeless tyre’s and you also get the front disc brake as an option.

3: Mahindra Centuro

Mahindra Centuro

Price: INR 49,110
Mileage: 60 kmpl
Details: The Mahindra Centuro comes packed with amazing features like LED parking lights, flip-key, engine immobilizer and anti-theft alarm. The 110cc engine packs a punch with 8.50bhp and torque of 8.50Nm. The Centuro is known to be the most advanced in terms of technology. The bike is available in three classic colors – silver, red, and black. All three variants are loaded with bold graphics.

4: TVS Star City Plus

TVS Star City Plus

Price: INR 44,694
Mileage: 86 kmpl
Details: This bike is an updated version of TVS Star City. The TVS Star City Plus is the most powerful bike in the 110cc segment. It packs a punch with 8.30bhp and torque of 8.70Nm. It generates a top speed of around 90 kmph. The bike also comes loaded with a digital fuel gauge. The Star City Plus also comes with adjustable shock absorbers and a number plate illuminator.

5: Honda CD 110 Dream

Honda CD 110 Dream

Price: INR 47,968
Mileage: 83 kmpl
Details: The Honda CD 110 Dream is a bike that combines power with fuel efficiency. The 110cc engine delivers 8.25bhp of power and torque of 8.63Nm. The bike also comes with the Honda Eco Technology, which is the most advance fuel efficiency technology. This is Honda’s most affordable bike in the Dream series and comes in three color combinations – black with blue stripes, black with red stripes and black with grey stripes.

6: Honda Dream Neo

Honda Dream Neo

Price: INR 51,971
Mileage: 84kmpl
Details: The Honda Dream Neo is one of the few bikes to come pre-fitted with alloy wheels. This makes the ride a lot more reliable. The power generated by the 110cc engine is 8.25bhp at 7,500 rpm. Its torque is 8.63Nm at 5,500 rpm. With a mileage of almost 84 kmpl and an eight-liter fuel tank, this bike will take you places before you even think of refilling.

*All prices mentioned are ex-showroom prices in Mumbai.

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