Best Slimming Belt In India 2017 With Price

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Slimming belts are the best way to lose weight efficiently and effectively. The field of wellness and health has stressed on the importance of losing weight to avoid weight related illnesses. With the cases of obesity and diabetes on the rise, it is important for people to stay fit and slimming belts are the best way to stay fit. Slimming belts vary in size and style. Different brands have different benefits and promise faster results. Here are the best 6 slimming belts available in India.

6. Slimming Vibra Sauna Belt Magnetic Body Massager

Slimming Vibra Sauna Belt Magnetic Body Massager

Price: Rs. 595

This slimming belt helps lose weight and is great for working out your abdomen, back, waist, and hips. It also helps ease pain in the comfort of your home. The Slimming Vibra Sauna Belt is portable and is comfortable to carry around. It eliminates superfluous fat and helps beautify your figure. It also helps maintain health and keeps skin looking vibrant and young. The magnetic belt improves circulation of blood in the body as well.

5. JSB 3 in 1 Sauna Slimming Belt

JSB 3 in 1 Sauna Slimming Belt

Price: Rs. 599

The JSB slimming belt has three functionalities – heat therapy, magnet therapy, and vibration therapy. It is one of the most popular slimming belts in India. It is effective around the hips, stomach, calves, thigh, shoulders, and back. This slimming belt can be used directly with electric supply or can be used with 2 AA batteries. Its dual functionality enables you to use it as a slimming belt or a heating pad. To get best results from this belt, you must drink around 2 glasses of lukewarm water before using it and the belt should not be used for more than 30 minutes at a time. The heated massage is equipped with a dual motor vibration that stimulates the muscles and helps improve metabolism. The vibration therapy helps improve blood circulation and results in losing fat a lot faster. The magnet therapy helps the body maintain its natural balance.

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