Top 5 Best Desk Lights / Study Table Lamps In India with price 2018

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We all know the struggle of studying on a study table during late at night when your little brother or sister would not let you keep the lights on. The only thing that helps during the hard studious nights before the final exams is a table lamp. A table lamp gives enough enlightenment in your area of interest whether it is a book or a piece of art that you are trying to create. The best thing about a table lamp is that it does not strain your eyes or put too much stress while you are focusing on a piece of paper. Neither will it disturb anyone else who is sleeping in your room late at night. The only best way to achieve all of that said above is by purchasing a really good and durable table lamp so that it enables you to focus on your studies and get good grades.

Listed below are top 5 table lamps in India. These are the five best-rated table lamps of 2018 that users love and appreciate.

Top 5 Table Lamps in India

1. Philips Advantez FDS500 eye care desk light

Philips Advantez FDS500 eye care desk light

  • This table lamp has aluminum reflectors which distribute the light evenly. Also, it spreads the light up to a maximum size of an A3 paper.
  • Its goose neck arm allows easy bending and swirling around in whichever position and height you need.
  • It has dual shades layered one after the other which gives amazing spill-effects and illuminated the light.
  • It only has one bulb which is efficient to provide high light density.
  • The lamp has a life of up to 8000 horse which is very long lasting.
  • Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: 1,250
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  • The Philips Table Lamp is best-rated product of the year which is durable and very budget-friendly.
  • Its light illumination is appreciably intense which does not cause any stress of the eyes.


  • It only has one bulb.

2. Generic DP Portable 30429 rechargeable LED emergency light

Generic DP Portable 30429 rechargeable LED

  • This table lamp has rechargeable battery makes it very useful.
  • The LED lights in this table lamps a most illuminated look.
  • It can work up to as long as 8 hours in one charging period.
  • The table lamp has a zigzag body which is best if you want to change its height according to your use.
  • It has an on and off button attached to it on its base.
  • It comes in multi colors.
  • This table lamp has several rows of LED’s that all together gives an illuminated l8ghting on the area of concentration.
  • The table lamp is capable of squeezing it into a small square shaped box which is great while you are traveling.
  • Rating: 4 stars
  • Warranty:
  • Price: 358
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  • This is the most affordable table lamp in the list.
  • Its portable shape is best if you frequently travel.


  • It is not very durable due to its poor grade plastic body.

3. Wemex Billie Jean Reading & Study Table Lamp

Wemex Billie Jean Reading & Study Table Lamp

  • This is a classic looking Table Lamp with a matte finish.
  • Its body is made up of aluminum which makes it very durable and long-lived.
  • The aluminum shade on its high power LED light ensures that it does not get very hot.
  • The LED high illumination bulb in this lamp is changeable when it’s out of power.
  • This table lamp us 46 cm long which is capable of lowering the height as well.
  • It has an on and off button on its base.
  • Rating: 4 stars
  • Price: 669
  • Warranty: None
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  • The Wemex table lamp is a very affordable lamp with great illumination power.


  • This table lamp does not have any warranty.

4. Ramcent Desk Lamp

Ramcent Desk Lamp

  • This table lamp uses 1.5 wattages of the power supply.
  • This table lamp works on the mechanism of touch sensor which starts whenever it is touched and switches off manually.
  • The Ramsent table lamp has three different brightness levels which can be adjusted according to your need.
  • The table lamp is rechargeable and lasts for 8 long hours on one charge.
  • TheRamsent table lamp has a very stylish body which will complement your interiors.
  • The body of this lamp is made capable of twisting, such that, one can adjust its shape and height according to the need.
  • Rating: 4 stars
  • Price: 699
  • Warranty: None
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  • The Ramset Lamp is the most stylish table lamp one could ask for.
  • It is a total win for the price given it has great illumination power and brightness settings, as well.


  • This table lamp does not have any warranty.

5. Rrimin Ultrathin LED dimming touch reading table lamp with eye protection

Rrimin Ultrathin LED dimming touch

  • This good-looking table lamp has the touch to work operating system which starts illuminating on a touch.
  • The ultrathin design of this table lamp, as the name suggests, is attractive to look at and is also capable of adjusting to different heights.
  • The lithium battery of this table lamp is long living.
  • It works in energy saving mode.
  • It is built with state of the art technology and has the most attractive design.
  • This table lamp has a broader shade so that it can illuminate the light on the maximum area.
  • Rating: 4 stars
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: 1,949
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  • This is a very functionally fit table lamp which comes with great looks and appreciable efficiency.


  • This is the most expensive table lamp in the list.

If this list was helpful for you to find the most perfect table lamp, then consider buying one for yourself. Have fun learning and making art. A table lamp is not just an instrument but a must have necessity if you want to reach unmatched heights in your life.

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