Top 5 Best Electronics Safes with Prices in India 2017

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Just acquiring usual locker with keys is the old and outdated choice as homes and offices safety nowadays are ensured with electronic safes. Having a digital locker has become one of the basic necessities after buying a home, seeing India great opportunity for these machines large portion of manufacturers around the world are offering these cases to buy with great prices offered. You cannot simply buy the cheapest option available and play with the security of your cash and important items; we have enlisted top available Electronics safes that you can choose to buy for your new home or office. These Electronics Safes are called as best at the survey we conducted over the internet, so what are you waiting for go ahead with the list and choose the best budget friendly options. For your convenience, we have included price along with features of Electronic Safes with latest options available just for you.

Here is the list showcasing 5 best options available as Electronic Safes with Price in India 2017

5. Godrej Access Electronic Safe (SEEC9060)

Godrej Access Electronic Safe (SEEC9060)

Godrej Safes are most popular brands when we talk about electronics safes in India, the particular model we are talking about is available ivory color option that will surely add more stars to your home decorum. To ensure tough security Godrej has used steel in the middle, the six digital alphanumeric  LED Display you can view digits and number even in dark with LED light. The Total security feature has its own memory; password remains secure even when the battery is removed.

  • Model Name: Godrej
  • Type: Electronic Safe
  • Price: INR 7,299

4. StoK ST-SLB01 Electronic Safe

StoK ST-SLB01 Electronic Safe

Stok ST-SLB01 Electronic Safe remains one of the best options available if you want an electronic safe with budget oriented goals. The elegant features part of the Electronic Safe includes cold rolled steel sheet combined with digital locking system mechanism. In case you forgot the security code set, the Electronic Safe is offered with two emergency override keys, the added features part of the electronic safe includes security lockout in case someone tries to unlock the safe with wrong coding.

  • Model Name: Stok
  • Type: Electronic Safe
  • Price: INR 5,000

3. Godrej Goldilocks Personal Locker

Godrej Goldilocks Personal Locker

Godrej as we have mentioned above is the most trusted brand when it comes to security based on electronic system and another product from the same brand surely claims the trust Godrej has gained over the years as guiding figure for your cash and important household items. The Goldilocks Personal locker as the name suggests is ideal to secure jewelry, money, wallet and other important keys. The security feature of the Personal locker is formed with tamper alert adjoining the sensor. The best part about it, you can simply move it from one room to another as it is small in size yet powerful in ensuring safety to personal goods.

  • Model Name: Godrej
  • Type: Electronic Safe
  • Price: INR 7000

2. Electronic/ Digital Safe by Ozone

Electronic/ Digital Safe by Ozone

Ozone may be a new name for the users but the brand has great popularity in the international market, the Electronic Digital Safe offered by Ozone offers security feature that allows code in between 3 and eight digits. If three wrong attempts are used for the security code the safe will go on secure mode and keypad gets locks for next three minutes.

  • Model Name Ozone
  • Type: Electronic Safe
  • Price: INR 5,500

1. Armour Mechanic Safe

Budget friendly option with enjoy top spot in our ranking. On the part with features, the model has twin bolt locks with removable shelves that can be fixed back as there are holes for usage.

  • Model Name: Armour
  • Type: Electronic Safe
  • Price: INR 4000
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