Top 5 Best Kindle Reader with Price in India 2017

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One of the best product from Amazon is Kindle and it is really popular across the globe. There are several models of this amazing gadget and the basic function of the gadget is that it helps in reading e-books. With this gadget, you can download e-books from Amazon and almost each and every book is available on Amazon book store. In addition to this, some of the books are available free of cost as well but even the paid ones are available for a discount as the cost of the material comes out to be 0. Also, this is an eco-friendly way to read books as the paper is not wasted while you read from Kindle. In this article, we have listed some of the best Kindle from Amazon and they can be bought from Amazon’s official website.

Read along as we look through the ‘5 Best Kindle Reader in India with Price 2017’.

5. Kindle Paper white 3G (Previous Generation)

Kindle Paper white 3G (Previous Generation)

This is the old generation of Paper White and it is difficult to find this one as of now but this was one of the highest selling models from Amazon. In addition to this, the battery of this model used to last for weeks. The reader had capabilities to connect to 3G and in some of the countries, the 3G connection was free of cost as well.

  • Model Name: Paper White Old Generation
  • Type: Kindle E-Reader
  • Price: Rs.4999

4. All-New Kindle E-reader – Black, 6″ Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi

All-New Kindle E-reader - Black, 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display

This is the most affordable version of Kindle and the device was re-designed to make it lighter. The screen of the e-reader looks like a real paper and in addition to this, there is no glare on the screen even during the bright light. The screen size of this machine is 6 inches but this doesn’t have a backlight. The resolution supported here is 157 ppi and the device can be connected to the internet with Wi-Fi.

  • Model Name: Kindle Basic, New Generation
  • Type: Kindle E-Reader
  • Price: Rs. 5999

3. Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi

Kindle Paper white, 6" High-Resolution Display

On number 3, we have Kindle Paper white and this is also a 6 inches device but this has a built in light which makes it quite easier for the reader to read the book. The resolution of this device is 300 ppi and there are two versions available in this device, one is with Wi-Fi connectivity and the other one is with Wi-Fi and 3G

  • Model Name: Paper White
  • Type: Kindle E-Reader
  • Price: Rs. 10999

2. Kindle Voyage Wi-Fi – 6″ High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Adaptive Built-in Light and Page Press Sensors

Kindle Voyage Wi-Fi - 6" High-Resolution Display

This is another Kindle device available on the web and this device has many features which are not present in the other versions of Kindle. The device comes with adaptive front light and thus the brightness of the device is adjusted automatically and in addition to this, the device also has a page press sensor which triggers the page change with any increase in pressure

  • Model Name: Voyage
  • Type: Kindle E-Reader
  • Price: Rs. 1649

1. All-New Kindle Oasis with Leather Charging Cover, 6” High-Resolution Display (300 ppi), Wi-Fi (Black)

All-New Kindle Oasis with Leather Charging Cover, 6'' High-Resolution Display (300 ppi), Wi-Fi (Black)

This model is a high-end model and the addition feature offered in this device is that the device is the thinnest and it comes with a leather cover. In addition to this, there are dedicated buttons on this device to change the pages. The cover of this device also has an inbuilt battery hence the dual battery system expands the life of the battery to a much higher degree.

  • Model Name: Oasis
  • Type: Kindle E-Reader
  • Price: Rs. 23999

Well, that’s all from us on this one. We will be back with another one in the nearest future. Stay tuned.

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