6 Best Men Deodorants in India With Price 2017

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India is a country that witnesses extremely high temperatures especially in the summer season. The blazing sun and high humidity makes it very difficult for men to stay fresh and dry. Sweating is very common during the hot summer months and the pungent body odour makes life difficult for men. In order to smell good and devoid of foul body odour, deodorants have become an important need for men in India. Every man wants to smell fresh all day long especially those who need to wander a lot for their work.

These are the six of the best brands in India that have carved a niche for themselves among the menfolk of India

6. Old Spice

Old Spice

Old Spice is a popular deodorant brand in India. The fragrance is strong and pleasant just like its popular aftershaves. The deodorant effectively control body odour and also has antibacterial properties. It imparts a refreshing feeling to the skin.

  • Price- Rs 180 for a 150 ml bottle
  • Fragrances- lemon, sage, orange, geranium,
  • Brand- Old Spice
  •  Features- Suitable for men with problems of body odour

5. Nivea Deodorants

Nivea Deodorants

Nivea is a famous skin care and body care brand. Nivea Deodorants are very effective in reducing underarm sweats and body odour. They have a soothing effect on the skin and do not produce skin darkening or irritation. Some examples are Nivea Fresh Active Original Deodorant Spray, Cool Kick Deodorant Spray, Silver Protect Deodorant Spray, etc.

  • Price- less than Rs 250 each bottle
  • Fragrances- Fresh masculine fragrance
  • Brand- Nivea
  • Features- Everyday use for perspiration control

4. Wild Stone

Wild Stone

Wild Stone is one of the best selling deodorants in India. The deodorants are well suited to the skin tone of the Indian males and are also suitable for the Indian climate. The deodorants are characterized by a crisp masculine aroma. Examples include Wild Stone Aqua Fresh Deodorant Spray, Hydra Energy Deodorant Spray, Forest Spice Deodorant Spray and Red Deodorant Spray.

  • Price- Rs 100-200
  • Fragrances- rosemary, lavender, musk and woody
  • Brand- Wild Stone
  • Features- Fresh and healthy feeling all through the day

3. Axe


Axe is very popular among the youth of the nation. These deodorants are known for their seductive scents such as the chocolate inspired dark temptation fragrance and the Axe rise range. The fragrances are strong and masculine. Axe also keeps on releasing some special fragrances on a time to time basis. Some examples are Axe Denim Deodorant Spray, Signature Suave Body Perfume, Dark Temptation Deodorant Spray, etc.

  • Price- Rs 160-350
  • Fragrances- Seductive and unique fragrances
  • Brand- Axe
  • Features- Long lasting and highly attractive scent for men

2. Park Avenue

Park Avenue

Park Avenue is an immensely popular deodorant brand in India and is second in this list. There are a variety of fragrances available for the customers which are long lasting even in hot climates. The deodorants meet the requirements of both men and boys.

  • Price- less than Rs 200
  • Fragrances- Cool blue, terra, alpha, storm, beyond the horizon
  • Brand- Park Avenue
  • Features- Perfectly suited for the hot Indian conditions

1. Fogg

Fogg men deodorant

Fogg occupies the numerouno position in this list for the top men’s deodorants in India. The strong masculine fragrance provided by the Fogg deodorants last throughout the day and highly is suitable for working people who are in the need of a strong fragrance to mask the body odour. It is also suitable for gifting purposes. Some examples include Fogg Fresh Spicy Body Spray, Fresh Aqua Body Spray, Woody Body Spray, etc.

  • Price- Rs180-250
  • Fragrances- Spicy, aqua, woody
  • Brand- Fogg
  • Features- Can be worn for a plethora of occasions
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