6 Best Mosquito Killer Machine with Price in India 2018

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The weather is changing again and the summer season is approaching in India. This will then be followed by the monsoon which would bring heavy rain across the country. There are several places which would be water logged and such places provide a perfect place for mosquito breeding. This mosquito can cause harmful diseases like Dengue, Malaria, and Chikungunya. All the diseases mentioned above are quite harmful and they could also result in the death of a patient.

We have always learned that the prevention is better than cure and hence it is better to stop mosquito from breeding by eliminating water logging and spraying kerosene at the places where water is logged. But the problem is that even after taking all these precautions, there is a possibility that the mosquito may enter the house and such mosquitos can be a great problem.

The solution of this problem is to get a mosquito killer machine many of these machines are available on online store but they can prove to be really handy.

Read along as we look through the ‘6 Best Mosquito Killer Machine in India with Price 2017’.

6. Evana Inhale Style Mosquito Killer Photocatalytic Mosquito Lamp Mosquito Eliminator HHI-341668

Evana Inhale Style Mosquito Killer Photocatalytic Mosquito Lamp Mosquito Eliminator HHI-341668

This is a compact machine which weighs just 59 grams. The machine doesn’t use any sort of radiations to kill the mosquitoes and the machine can also be used as a portable lamp. The operating power of the machines is 3W and it is really effective in fighting a fight against mosquitoes.

  • Type: Night Lamp
  • Price: Rs.399

5. JSS Electronic Mosquito N Insect Killer cum Night Lamp.

JSS Electronic Mosquito N Insect Killer cum Night Lamp.

Next on our list is a mosquito killer from JSS. The machine uses a very little power and at the same time, the machine is also quite which ensures that the sleep of the customer is not disturbed. The machine weights about 500 grams.

  • Type: Night Lamp
  • Price: Rs. 115
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4. Nimarketing Mosquito Killer (1.50 g, Pack of 1)

Nimarketing Mosquito Killer (1.50 g, Pack of 1)

This is another mosquito killer lamp in our list and this is really efficient as it requires only 1 W. The machine weights just about 1.5 grams and the machine can also be used as a night lamp. Care should be taken while using this machine as the grill of the machine has current flowing through it.

  • Type: Night Lamp
  • Price: Rs. 499

3. Ezyhome Electric Insect Killer, White

Ezyhome Electric Insect Killer, White

On number 3 we have a little unique machine which is manufactured and marketed by Ezyhome. The machine weights a little less than 1 kg and it has received a lot of positive customer reviews. The machine is really effective when it comes to killing a mosquito.

Price: Rs. 999

2. Bug Master Smart Electric Insect Killer (Lantern)

Bug Master Smart Electric Insect Killer (Lantern)

This is more of a traditional mosquito killer. The machine is quite huge and it is usually suitable for a bigger household. The machine uses the basic concept to kill the mosquitos as the machine attracts the mosquito with help of UV rays and then the mosquitoes are killed with high power grill.

  • Type: Lantern
  • Price: Rs. 3200

1. FLYAWAY Electric Insect Killer (Lantern)

On number 1 we have a machine from Flyaway. The body of this machine is made up of steel and the machine is highly reliable. It is also possible to use the machine in a big house as the machine has a huge impact area.

  • Type: Lantern
  • Price: Rs. 5000

Well, that’s all from us on this one. We will be back with another one in the nearest future. Stay tuned.

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