Top 6 Best Protein Powder With Price In India 2017

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If you are a fitness freak then protein powder can help fuel your workouts and help you achieve your bodybuilding goals. We know that protein is a basic ingredient required for muscle building; hence it helps in forming lean muscle mass. When buying protein powder you must be careful to get the best quality product for best results.

Here’s our list of top 6 best protein powder with price in India.

1. SAN 100% Pure Platinum Whey

SAN 100% Pure Platinum Whey

When it comes to quality, SAN 100% Pure Platinum Whey beats several others in the competition to secure its place in the top 6 best protein powder in India. This product is processed with care on low temperature, and this result in ultra-fine whey. About 23g of whey per serving can fulfill about 40 percent of your daily protein requirement. It enhances absorption of protein in your blood stream and helps in building muscles.

Price: Rs. 4,929

2. Dymatize Nutrition Elite Whey Protein Powder

Dymatize Nutrition Elite Whey Protein Powder

This supplement aids in better protein synthesis and makes you feel less tired after a workout. It helps you recover the muscle tissues faster to enable you to gain muscle strength and gain endurance from amino acids. It contains all the vital and non-vital amino acids to power your intense workout. It provides about 25g of protein in a single serving that is capable of meeting about half daily requirement.

Price: Rs. 5,483

3. Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion Probiotic

Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion Probiotic

This supplement by MyoFusion is available in different flavors such as Peanut Butter, Cookies Chocolate, Cinnamon Roll, Strawberries and Cream. It is composed of several ingredients that include Casein Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Amino Acids, and Egg Albumin. It contains 24g of protein and 9g of amino acids that are useful for muscle gain.

Price: Rs. 5,606

4. BSN Syntha 6

BSN Syntha 6

The biggest selling point of this supplement is its taste which makes it rare and effective. The team behind BSN Syntha 6 has done a wonderful job with the formulation of this protein supplement. It mixes absolutely well and tastes delicious. Athletes in India swear by its name as it effectively helps in building strength and enhancing endurance capabilities. BSN Syntha-6 contains fat and fiber needed by the body to last for strenuous exercises.  It is also used by several athletes as a practical replacement for meal. It contains Glutamine, BCAAs, essential amino acids, EFAs, fiber, MCTs, and Peptides. It not only helps in building strength and endurance but also reduces the risk of injury.

Price: Rs. 5,100

5. Isopure Low Carb

Isopure Low Carb

If you are looking to gain lean muscle, without any fat or carb then the Isopure Low Carb supplement is just the thing for you. This protein powder is manufactured in a high grade facility. It contains ingredients like egg,soy, dairy, wheat, peanuts and tree nuts. This is a glutamine enriched supplement that is loaded with BCAAs. It is lactose free,gluten free, and aspartame free. It contains 100% whey protein isolate and provides about 25 grams of protein with each serving.

Price: Rs. 4,670

6. Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

This popular protein powder supplement has remained in the top of the list for nearly a decade, and it owes it popular to great taste, flavor and results. It has 24g of pure protein powder that contains low concentrations of lactose, fat, and carbohydrates. The building blocks of the supplement include Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCCAs, is oleucine, Leucine, valine, Glutamine and Glutamic Acid. Optimum Nutrition has been approved and recognized by Good Manufacturing Practices Program standards, NSF International, and Public Health and Safety Company.

Price: Rs. 5,774.25

That’s all from our end in the list of top 6 best protein powder with price in India. Stay tuned for more informative articles like these.

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