Top 10 Best Earphones to Buy in India With Price

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Earphones have become an aesthetic part of our life these days. Whether it’s on commuting or in solace, earphones have always been at our side.

Apart from their basic functionality of providing music and supporting voice calls, the role of earphones extends to vast unexplored boundaries.

If we’re to talk about earphones, we’d really be spoilt for choices that are available in the market these days. There’s one for every need and budget range.

It seems as if every electronic company is trying its hand on earphone manufacturing. Well, then why don’t we have a look at which are the best of the lot?

We present you the 10 best earphones available in India with price in our post today. Go on, follow the trail.

1) Sennheiser CX 275s

Sennheiser CX 275s

  •  Do you really need an introduction on behalf of Sennheiser? Still here’s a few.
  • It features wired connectivity within the ear canalphone
  • It has built-inmic with compatibility for a huge number of devices.

Frequency response- 17-23000 Hz
Maximum Power Input- 121 dB/mW
Price- Rs 1740

2) Sony MDR-EX110AP

  •  The premier Japanese company comes at number 2 in our entry with this marvelous in-ear canal phones.
  • It has a built-inmic and features wired connectivity.

Frequency response- 5-24000 Hz
Maximum Power Input- 103 dB/mW
Price- 1340

3) Skullcandy Inkd 2.0

  •  Another of the premier earphone manufacturers, this one from Skullcandy features in the ear headset.
  • It has inline remote and is compatible with all sorts of mobile and tablets.
  • It has wired connectivity.

Price- 899

4) SoundMAGIC ES18S RB

  •  Another one of the best sellers around, this one from SoundMAGIC has wired connectivity with built-in mic.
  • It features gold plated connector and has apowerful bass with clear tripe.

Frequency response- 15-22000 Hz
Maximum Power Input- 100 dB/mW
Price- 735

5) F&D E220 

  •  Although not a household name in the Indian market, they do offer one of the best sellers around.
  • It has wired connectivity and is in the mould of ear canalphone.
  • Largely compatible with all sorts of audio devices and mobiles.

Frequency response- 20-20000 Hz
Maximum Power Input- 90 dB/mW
Price- 640

6) Panasonic RP-TCM125

  • Panasonic, a pretty known name in the electronic appliance niche, offers a great earphone in this model.
  • This one features a canalphone design and is compatible with every device around.
  • It has wired connectivity.

Frequency response- 10-24000 Hz
Price- 669

7) HP H2300

  •  HP offers a nice option in earphones with this wired model.
  • It has volume control with inbuilt
  • It has flat and tangle free wires and is compatible universally.

Frequency response- 20-20000 Hz
Price- 699


  •  Samsung offers an in the ear headset with wired connectivity with this model.
  • It has built-in mic and noise cancelling microphone.
  • It’s compatible with audio devices from all brands including mobiles and tablets.

Price- 425

9) Philips SHE 1455

  •  If you’re on the hunt for a budget-friendly yet high functioning earphone, then opt for this one.
  • It has inline remote and features a canal phone
  • It has a deep bass feature and has wired connectivity.
  • It features 3.5 mm audio jack and is compatible with any device showcasing 3.5 mm jacks.

Price- 376

10) Sony MH750

  •  Here’s another one from Sony. This one is an economical offering from Sony but is packed with features unlike before.
  • It’s a wired headset and features in the ear canal phone
  • It offers hands-free calling.

Price- 366

That’s the end of our list. As aforementioned, we compiled a list featuring earphones at every price level alongside their performance. There’re the best ones available in the market. Which one entices you the best?

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