10 Best Induction Pressure Cooker With Price India 2018

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If one were to dwell into the history books, they can perceive how our ancestors prepared food, what utensils were used up. However, with time as the civilization developed the trend of multifunctional utensils came up.

It was how pressure cookers were invented back then. Well, the buck just didn’t stop there, there’s this new range of induction based pressure cookers trending in the market.

As such we thought of doing a review on the best induction pressure cookers available in the market as of today. How’s that for a thought?

Well, we certainly did it and compiled a list of 10 best induction pressure cookers down below for you to bestow upon. Go on, pick your best one.

1) Futura IF30 Hard Anodised

Futura IF30 Hard Anodised

  •  Let’s start off with the best of the lot. This Futura IF30 induction based pressure cooker is a beautiful and durable one.
  • It has inner lid system and is made of aluminum material. It serves around 3 to 4 people.

Capacity- 3L

Price- Rs. 3130

2) Prestige Nakshatra Plus HA Handi

  •  Prestige is a well-known name in thehome appliance industry.
  • This induction based pressure cooker is made from aluminum. It has a blending modern design and assures quality performance.
  • It has an inner lid system and a pressure indicator.

Capacity- 5L

Price- Rs. 2250

3) United Smart 3 in 1 Hard Anodised

  •  It has an innovative design with 3-in-1 induction based pressure cooker.
  • It has functionalities like cooking, straining and serving. The surface is non-toxic and offers hygienic food to you.
  • It has an outer lid system.

Capacity- 3L

Price- Rs. 2159

4) Pigeon All In One

  •  This induction pressure cooker has an aluminum material that’s durable and scratch-free.
  • It has an outer lid system and has short handles for safety precautions.
  • It has a ceramic coating base.

Capacity- 5L

Price- Rs. 2078

5) Bajaj PCX 63HD Handi Anodized

  •   It has a superior quality aluminium body with long lasting nitrite rubber gasket.
  • The handles are ergonomically designed for superior grips.
  • It can serve upto 2 to 5 people.

Capacity- 3L

Price- Rs. 1450

6) Pristine Spc5 Stainless Steel

  • It has a stainless steel body with even heat distribution that allows excellent cooking performance.
  • It has a safety valve and rubber gasket for safe usage.
  • It has an outer lid system.

Capacity- 5L

Price- Rs. 1599

7) Citizen HD-M05AI

  •  It has a special design for effective cooking performance.
  • It has an anti-bulging base with inner lid design.
  • It has an aluminum body.

Capacity- 5L

Price- Rs. 1441

8) Butterfly C1820C00000

  •  Butterfly offers a durable induction based pressure cooker with thefull aluminum body.
  • It has a sturdy build design with firmer grips at thehandle.
  • It also has a gasket release system with outer lid design.

Capacity- 5L

Price- Rs. 1554

9) Prestige Nakshatra plus Polished Handi

  •  It’s a testament to their manufacturing quality that Prestige makes asecond entry into our list.
  • This specific offering from Prestige is an inner lid designed induction pressure cooker with an aluminum body.
  • It serves around 2-3 people.

Capacity- 2L

Price- Rs. 1180

10) Jaypee Kukeezi

  • If you’re looking for a small capacity induction based pressure cooker, then this one’s for you.
  • It has a sturdy and durable aluminum body with outer lid design.
  • It serves around 1 to 2 people.

Capacity- 1.5L

Price- Rs. 1099

That’s the end of our list of 10 best induction based pressure cookers. We came across different variants of it in the ilk of aluminum body and more. There were a few Anodised ones too. So, you have it, the list of 10 best. Get yourself one of them quick.

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