10 Best Popcorn Makers with price in India 2017

6) Nova NPM-3772

Nova NPM-3772

  •  Time for the one from Nova. It offers fat-free popcorns in the making.
  • You’d be free of oil or butter requirements with this one.
  • It also has a silent mode which is great.
  • A definitive snack maker for you in the ilk of anodized aluminum material body.

Capacity- 8.4 L
Power Consumption- 1200 W
Price- Rs. 1095

7) Orbit Chuck

Orbit Chuck

  • Orbit offers one of the fine easy to use popcorn maker to the customers out there.
  • It has a strong sturdy build and it’s easy to clean off.
  • It has the air popper tray.

Capacity- 60 gm
Power Consumption- 1200 W
Price- Rs. 1190

8) Euroline EL-205

Euroline EL-205

  •  A great performance based popcorn maker, this features a transparent dome.
  • It has an air popper along with sturdy build design.

Capacity- 8.4 M
Power Consumption- 1200 W
Price- Rs. 999

9) Grind Sapphire S-12

Grind Sapphire S-12


  •  Grind offers a fine option in the budget range along with aesthetic features.
  • It has an aluminum material build with a plastic kettle inside.

Capacity- 4 L
Power Consumption- 1200 W
Price- Rs. 1199

10) Ruchi MW 38

Ruchi MW 38

  • The best in the economical range, this one small popcorn maker can be the piece you’re looking for.
  • It has a microwave safe plastic body and is a non-electrical one. All you need to do is pop it into a microwave and you’ve got your popcorn ready for you.

Capacity- 1 L
Price- Rs. 499

How’s the list, then? Found the one you’re looking for. Go on, buy yourself one of these, don’t you wanna enjoy the ultimate snack delicacy i.e. popcorn.



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