Top 10 Best SD Memory Cards to Buy in India with Price

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It’s common to have an SD memory card with you these days. What more, they come in different size variants and fits accordingly to multiple price levels.

That’s great, ain’t it? To state the facts, it’s awesome. Long gone are those days, where we had to scramble for portable storage. It’s time we lay those demons to bed.

We have these new state of the art modern SD memory cards offered from multiple brands with their own features and specialties.

We’ll look to have a rundown on some of the best sellers of the market and compile them in a list of 10 best SD memory cards to buy in India with a price.

You ready for the list. Follow me down the trail.

1) Sandisk Ultra Class 10

Sandisk Ultra Class 10

  •  SanDisk is definitely one of the best sellers of SD memory cards in India.
  • This one is a class 10 variant with high read and write speed upto 48 Mbps.
  • It has an ultralight design with sleek and handy feel.

16 GB- Rs 455
32GB- Rs 790

2) Sony SF-32UY 40MB/s UHS-1 Class 10


  •  Our second-in-lineis the one from Sony.
  • This one is a professionalequipped SD memory card with high read and write speed of 40 MB/s
  • It is a class 10 variant and is available in different storage sizes.

16 GB- Rs 489
32 GB- 898

3) Transcend SDHC 300x 


  •  Transcend is a big player when it comes to memory sticks and devices in theIndian
  • This one from Transcend has class 10 feature with high-quality storage options.
  • It features read and write speed upto 45 MB/s.

16 GB- Rs 699
32GB- Rs 920

4) Lexar Platinum II SDHC 


  • Lexar is another one of the best sellers when it comes to SD memory cards.
  • It has class 10 feature with read and write speeds upto 30 MB/s.
  • It is available in different storage sizes.

16 GB- Rs 550
32GB- Rs 998

5) Strontium Nitro 466x SDHC Class 10


  • This one from Strontium has class 10 feature.
  • It is equipped with data recovery software within.
  • It has 85 MB/s read speed, one of the highest in class.

32GB- Rs 784
64 GB- Rs 1359

6) Kingston SD10VG2/16GBFR


  • Kingston offers one of the finest option in SD memory cards with this class 10 variant.
  • It has read speed of 80 MB/s and is waterproof.

16 GB- Rs 475
32 GB- Rs 800

7) Samsung SDHC


  •  This one from Samsung is a class 6 variant with aread speed of 24 MB/S.

32 GB- Rs 1999

8) SanDisk Extreme Pro


  • This one is for the professionals out there.
  • It has burst mode equipped for professional speed.
  • It has awaterproof feature with 95 MB/s read speed.
  • It is also x-ray proof.

16 GB- Rs 1616
32 GB- Rs 2099
64 GB- Rs 3399

9) Sony PRO Duo MARK2 MS-MT4G


  •  This one has HD support with AVCHD recording.
  • It has PSP support and has high transfer speed.

4 GB- Rs 1199

10) Verbatim Premium UHS-1 SDXC 


  •  The last entrant is from Verbatim with premium enabled features.
  • It has class 10 support with high read and write speed.
  • It features high-quality sturdy design.

16 GB- Rs 875
64 GB- Rs 3299

Off we reach then, to the end of our list. There’s your best of the lot. Go on, choose your best fit and snuggle off the store. SD memory cards have certainly become an erstwhile feature of normal as well as professional life.

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