Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners With Price in India 2018

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There are multiple surfaces in a house where a normal cleaning won’t suffice, it’s here that the vacuum cleaners step up.

Vacuum cleaners are the need of time. They efficiently clean the surface and removes any dirt or grime laying above the surface. A pretty fine option to have around in a home, ain’t it?

There are multiple vacuum cleaners found in India with many different functionalities. They are available at multiple price levels too.

We’ll look to compile a list of 10 such vacuum cleaners that are the best of the lot in the current Indian market. We’ll have the price too with it. Read along.

1) Eureka Forbes Trendy Steel

Eureka Forbes Trendy Steel

  •  Eureka Forbes makes the first entry in our list. The brand is well known for its great product offerings.
  • It has a blower feature inbuilt and supports wheel movement.
  • It also has a dust bag full indicator.
  • Power consumption- 1300 W
  • Price- Rs. 6399
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2) LG VC3316NNTM


  •  A list about electric home appliance would never be complete without LG.
  • This vacuum cleaner from LG features blower function and is a bagless one.
  • It is a dry vacuum cleaner and has a washable HEPA filter inbuilt.

Power consumption- 1600 W (Motor) and 330 W (Suction)

Price- Rs. 10300

3) Karcher MV3 

Karcher MV3

  • Karcher produces one of the finest vacuum cleaners around.
  • This specific model from them features motor and suction that enables home and car cleaning efficiently.
  • It has a dust accumulator feature.

Power consumption- 1000 W (Motor) and 200 W (Suction)

Price- Rs. 8099

4) Black & Decker VM1650 


  • Black and Decker offers a fine bagless fine dry vacuum cleaner.
  • The product features transparent dust-box accumulator and has better suction control.

Power consumption- 1600 W

Price- Rs. 7800

5) Bosch Skil 8715 


  • Bosch is a well-known name in the electric appliance segment due to their ergonomic designs and high performance.
  • This specific model from them features 1.8 m suction hose. It has a capacity of 15L and offers wet and dry cleaning.
  • It uses HEPA filter for cleaning.

Power consumption- 1500 W (Motor) and 18 kPa W (Suction)

Price- Rs. 7499.

6) Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX 


  • Another one of the best sellers around from Eureka Forbes, this vacuum cleaner offers great value for money.
  • It has a dust bag full indicator and offers dry cleaning.

Power consumption- 1200 W

Price- Rs. 3699

7) Philips FC8088/81 


  • Here’s your fine performing vacuum cleaning with the name of trusted brand inked onto it.
  • It offers dry vacuum cleaning and has a standard all-purpose nozzle for suction.

Power consumption- 1000 W (Motor) and 180 W (Suction)

Price- Rs. 4849

8) Panasonic MC-CG304


  • Panasonic offers one of the best-selling vacuum cleaners in the Indian market.
  • This model features blower function and has an air dust catcher with a 1.2L capacity.

Power consumption- 1400 W

Price- Rs. 6275

9) Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip

Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip

  • It’s a testament to the quality of Eureka Forbes that they make another entry into our list of best-selling vacuum cleaners in the nation.
  • It is a compact vacuum cleaner and has a foot operated switch.

Power consumption- 1000 W (Motor) and 1000 W (Suction)

Price- Rs. 2799

10) Nova VC 766


  • This one is a nice little handheld vacuum cleaner that can reach out to any place in your house.
  • It has multiple attachments with it and also offers blower function.
  • The filter used in it is cartridge one.

Power consumption- 800 W

Price- Rs. 1445

Hey, how’s the list then? You get the know-how on the best of vacuum cleaners available in India along with the price in the post. Definitely worth a read if you’re in need of a new vacuum cleaner.

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