Top 10 Best Water Purifiers / RO to Buy in India with price

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Water is the basic need of a person. It’s used for multiple purposes majorly being drinking, washing, cleaning and more. However, such is the pollution or the current state of affairs that water gets contaminated with virus and bacteria.

So how could we get pure drinking water for ourselves? Well, water purifiers might be one such answer. They filter any harmful germs from the water and provides pure drinking water to the user.

One can get different variants of it at multiple price levels. Need some reference as to which you can buy. We’ve compiled a list of 10 best water purifiers available in India.

Read along, then.

1) Kent Grand Plus 8L Mineral RO+UV+UF

Kent Grand Plus 8L Mineral RO+UV+UF

  • Let’s kick off the list with the bestseller of the lot.
  • This water purifier from Kent features reverse osmosis treatment method with filter change alarm.
  • It’s wall mountable and has auto shut-off

Total Capacity- 8 L
Filtration Capacity- 15 L/hr.
Price- Rs. 15,499

2) HUL Pureit Marvella 10 Litres RO + UV


  • An offering of HUL, this water purifier has a 6 stage purification procedure.
  • It’s electrical water purifier and has RO + UV technology.
  • It also has taste enhancers and TDS modifier.

Total Capacity- 10 L
Price- Rs. 16,500

3)Whirlpool Mineral 90 Elite 8.5 Litres RO 

Whirlpool Mineral 90 Elite 8.5 Litres RO

  • Whirlpool produces one of the best water purifiers equipped with overflow protection and auto start option.
  • It has 6 stage filtration capacity and can be wall mounted.

Total Capacity- 8.5 L
Filtration Capacity- 13.5 L/hr.
Price- Rs. 15,400

4) Livpure Pep Plus 7 Litres RO+UV+TE


  • This one from Livpure has a 6 stage purification procedure with tank full indication.
  • It has taste enhancer and has RO + UV filtration method.
  • It can be wall mounted.

Total Capacity- 7 L
Price- Rs. 12,690

5) Aqua Grand Plus 15 Litre RO + UV + UF


  •  A nice little option for mid-range prices.
  • This water purifier from Aqua Grand features 5 stage purification procedure.
  • It has an overflow protection and auto start option.
  • It has RO membrane and UF membrane for the water filtration.

Total Capacity- 15 L
Filtration Capacity- 15 L/hr.
Price- Rs. 4,199

6) Tata Swach 27L Silver Boost


  •  One for the budget range seekers, this one has a highest in class filtration capacity.
  • It has a direct tap fill option and possess 3 stage gravity based purification method.
  • It also features auto shut-off

Total Capacity- 27 L
Filtration Capacity- 2 L/hr.
Price- Rs. 2499

7) HUL Pureit Classic 


  • Another entry from HUL in our list, this one features a nice sleek design with multistage purification procedure.
  • It has activated carbon trap along with germ kill life indicator.

Total Capacity- 14 L
Price- Rs. 1689

8) Eureka Forbes Aquasure Xtra Tuff 


  •  One from the Eureka Forbes has the 4 stage purification process with auto shut-off
  • It’s a table top water purifier.

Total Capacity- 16 L
Filtration Life- 1500 L.
Price- Rs. 1338

9) Kent Gold Optima UF 


  •  Kent offers one in the economical range equipped with gravity based UF tech.
  • It features a table top design and has activated carbon filter.

Total Capacity- 10 L
Filtration Life- 4000 L.
Price- Rs. 1499

10) Tata Swach Smart 


  • The last entrant in our list is from Tata. It’s one of the best in the low budget range.
  • It has a micro-mesh system with auto shut-off
  • It features silver nanotechnology.

Total Capacity- 15 L
Filtration Life- 1500 L
Price- Rs. 1080

There you have it then, the 10 best water purifiers available in India. There’s one for every budget range equipped with features like never before. Go get your piece quick.

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