Top 6 Best Beard Trimmers To Buy Under 1,000 Rs In India 2018

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Beards are in fashion these days and a number of men are opting in for this look. A well-trimmed beard that is shaped well looks great and it helps to define your personality. While beards look very stylish and smart, it is very important to maintain them so they look good and not shabby. There are a number of trimmers available in the Indian market that helps you trim your beard and ensure it looks good. While some trimmers are expensive, there are also some amazing trimmers that are affordable and you can invest in. Here are some good budget trimmers in India that are very efficient.

6. Panasonic ER-GB30-K441 Trimmer


Price: Rs. 979

The Panasonic ER-GB30-K441 is a great trimmer that is affordable and manages to help you shape your beard and ensure it looks neat. This is an easy to use trimmer that smoothly glides on your face thus delivering even trimming all over your face. This trimmer can be used as a wet as well as a dry trimmer and this trimmer is also safe to use. You will not cut or hurt yourself while using it and it also helps to deliver fast results.

5. Wahl Beard & Mustache Trimmer


Price: Rs. 699

This is a user friendly trimmer that comes with a number of trimming levels. You can choose to keep a stubble or a full grown beard with this trimmer that can be used as a dry as well as a wet trimmer. Cleaning this trimmer is very easy and it doesn’t take too long to charge either.

4. Panasonic ER-GB30-A Trimmer


Price: Rs. 888

The Panasonic ER-GB30-A trimmer is one of the best budget trimmers available in the market these days. It has different levels that you can adjust the trimmer to in order to perfectly shape your beard at whatever length you like. You can now maintain a beard that is long as well as short with ease. This trimmer is simple and easy to maintain and helps you shape your beard in style.

3. Sogo SS-3515 Trimmer For Men


Price: Rs. 790

The Sogo SS-3515 trimmer is one of the best trimmers available in the market. It can help shape your beard into various styles and keep you looking well groomed. This trimmer features different settings that can help you shape the beard well without making it go out of shape. This trimmer also comes with multiple trimming features that help you trim your beard with ease. If you are looking for a handy trimmer that you can use on a regular basis in order to ensure your beard is always in shape and looks great, then your search ends here.

2. Agaro DS 321 Shaver For Men


Price: Rs. 582

The Agaro DS 321 Shaver for men is one of the best shavers available in the market. It guides smoothly across the face and is extremely safe to use. It helps style your beard in many ways and keeps you looking stylish at all times. In today’s world flashing facial hair is definitely a trend that you will want to keep up with and this Agaro DS 321 Shaver helps you stand out in the crowd. It comes with multiple options that you can use in order to ensure your beard looks great all the time.

1. Philips PQ202 Shaver For Men

Philips PQ202 Shaver For Men

Price: Rs. 778

Philips is the well known trimmer brands in India. The Philips PQ202 trimmer comes with carbon steel blades that last long. It gives you the perfectly trimmed look in no time. This is an affordable trimmer that delivers results that are at par with some of the most expensive trimmers in the market. You can now experiment with various styles and looks without visiting the salon with this handy trimmer. With various settings that can help you trim your beard accurately without making it look absurd and out of shape.

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