Top 6 Best Men Deodorant To Buy In India With Price

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India is a country that is loaded with global warming issues which makes the climate go to the extremes. Temperatures in India can go as high as 50 degrees C and the humidity just adds to the pain. This makes it difficult for you to stay dry and fresh. While some people only perspire, others tend to suffer from body odor and in order for them to smell good, deodorants come in really handy. Men who are always on the run need deodorants that last long and smell fresh all day.

Here are the top 6 deodorants in India for men with the price

6. Old Spice

Price: Rs. 180

Old Spice is one of the most popular fragrance brands for men. They are popular for their aftershave that can get you nostalgic. Keeping in mind the amazing musk fragrance and whitewater fragrance that was popular as an aftershave, the brand has come up with deodorants of the same fragrance. The fragrance is strong, pleasant and lasts long. It also has antibacterial properties that help control body odor and keeps your skin feeling fresh for long.

5. Nivea Deodorants

Price: Rs.199

Nivea is a popular skin care brand that has successfully delivered some of the best products in the market. They are known to modernize their approach with the changing trends and their deodorants too come in various kinds in order to suit your skin type. There are certain kinds that are specifically for sensitive skin and free from alcohol. Nivea is known to deliver a long lasting fragrance that will last you all day.

4. Reebok

Price: Rs. 185

Reebok is a well established sports brand that is also into fragrances and shower gels. Their deodorants are designed keeping in mind the sportsman in you and they are thus strong and long lasting. If you suffer from body odor, you should opt in for any one of the three fragrance options that Reebok has to offer since they are quite strong and manage to control body odor effectively. For the price that this deodorant is offered at, it is a great value for money.

3. Nike

Price: Rs. 250

Nike is another sports brand that has a wide range of men’s deodorants to choose from. Nike understands the need of a strong fragrance in extreme climates which is why they create deodorants that last long and ensure you don’t need to keep using the deodorant over and over again to smell fresh and pleasant. There are a number of fragrances that Nike has to offer that suit different individuals. While some of the fragrances are musky, the others are cool. The most popular of men fragrances Nike has to offer include Magnetic Blue, Wood Blast, On Fire, Cool and Paranoia.

2. Park Avenue

Price: Rs. 195

This is a classic men’s brand that comes from the house of Raymond. After dealing with men’s clothing for a long time, the parent company launched Park Avenue to meet their fragrance demand. They offer a large variety of fragrances that manage to meet the requirements of boys and men alike. The deodorants are perfect for all weather conditions and leave you feeling fresh all day.

1. AXE


Price: Rs. 162 – Rs. 350

This is the most popular deodorant brand that you will find in India. Axe deodorants are strong and masculine and come in various fragrances that suit your requirement just right. While they have some amazing basic fragrances, they also have some special fragrances that they keep releasing from time to time. The deodorant is originally from France but is sold in over 60 countries including India.

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    Pradip September 3, 2016 at 9:47 am

    Pleasant article, I found great reviews of deodorants here, I recommend Park Avenue.

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