Top 6 Best Weighing Scales To Buy In India With Price

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A number of people are overweight in today’s world. Life is hectic and in order for them to maintain their weight it is essential to constantly check your weight in order to stay in shape. When one is overweight, you can become victim to a number of health related problems. One of the best ways to know when you are gaining weight is to invest in a good quality weighing scale. There are a number of different weighing scales available in the market, but here’s a list of the top 6 weighing scales in India that you should invest in.

6. HealthSense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Personal Scale

Price: Rs. 1399

This is a digital weighing scale that is very lightweight and effective. Although this weighing scale is a lightweight device, it is not a fragile device and is quite heavy duty. It comes with a D sensor that delivers accurate results. It has a unique Sense On Technology for the right results. It delivers a range from 5kgs to 180kgs. The weight can be changed to kgs, Lb or St for preferred choice. The HealthSense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Personal Scale comes with a one year warranty along with a refund policy if you get a defective product.

5. Equinox BR-9201 Analog Weighing Scale

Price: Rs. 837

This is one of the best analog weighing scales you can invest in. Since it is an analog scale, it does not require any batteries in order to work. It is a strong and long lasting device that delivers accurate results. All you need to do while using this scale is ensure the scale is set at zero. It comes with a one year warranty.

4. Omron HN-286 Digital Weight Scale

Price: Rs.1666

This is a digital weighing scale that delivers very accurate results. It comes with a 4 sensor accuracy technology that manages to deliver results as accurate as 100gms. The Omron HN-286 Digital Weight Scale is made with tempered glass that is safe to use and very durable. The scale comes with a trial battery and also an instruction manual that makes it easy to use. It comes with a 1 year warranty. The best part about this scale is the very accurate results that it manages to deliver.

3. Equinox EB-9300 Weighing Scale

Price: Rs. 1298

This is a high tech digital weighing scale that comes with a large LCD display. It has an auto on off function which means the scale automatically comes on when you stand on it and goes off 5 seconds after delivering the reading. The scale comes with a one year warranty. This is one of the most popular weighing scales that a number of people are investing in due to the auto on/off function.

2. Healthgenie Digital Weighing Scale HD-221 Healthy Living, Black

Price: Rs.999

This digital weighing scale is highly accurate and delivers perfect results each time. It comes with a unique design that comes with motivational messages that encourage you to lose weight and get in shape. This scale is convenient and manages to deliver results up to 180kgs. This is a user friendly weighing scale that is durable and will last you a long time.

1. Omron HN-283 Digital Body Weight Scale

Omron HN-283 Digital Body Weight Scale

Price: Rs. 1,345

This is a digital weighing scale which manages to deliver highly precise results. It delivers a capacity of up to 180kgs and is a highly durable device. It is very easy to use and is accurate. A number of healthcare clinics and doctor’s too these days rely on this weighing scale to check their patients weight.

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