6 Best Inverters For Home Use With Price In India 2017

Imagine your plan on Holiday in summers to just laid down on the bed and enjoy the resting day with lots of sleep to cover that you missed while working, enjoying and dreaming about the rest and the electricity soon went off like the electricity department is all set to ruin your day with humidity and hot weather. No one wants to trigger that situation but it will surely mess with you at the time of high demand electricity of summer days, the best way to compete with the situation is not to shout at electricity department but to install a top rated functioning and electricity efficient Inverter at your home.

The list of top 6 inverters available in India with best of use and to offer durability with efficiently working style that will not add more burden in your electricity bill will be surely a smart choice. Read the list and be ready to act as smart with all backup options available to enjoy resting day.

6. Uniline Energy Inverter

One of the oldest company in India in the sector of home based Inverter introduced itself as the India based company with its parts and components designed in India aswell, The Uniline Energy Inverter offers great working condition with Efficient Star ratings that helps to reduce bulky Electricity Bills.

Price Rs 6,500-7,200
Warranty 2Year
Capacity Smoothly works with Television sets and refrigerator.
Features  Indian Company-Uniline Energy and assuring best efficient star ratings.

5. APC Home UPS


APC shines as the International Brand with known for its high quality power back-up options is the best choice for the customers who don’t want to compromise with the quality. Company’s APC BI850 Shine is the most popular model in the series of backup options  available in the market. The APC Home UPS is available in the market with different VA range as 650VA, 850VS and 1000VA.

Price Rs 7,500
Warranty 2Year
Capacity VA Ranges offered 650VA, 850VA and 1000VA.
Features  LED indicator with waveform of sine wave, Digital Display.

4. Exide Home UPS

Exide Home UPS

Exide enters the UPS market with series of Battery options available as part of UPS Inverters, now it has made its presence count with options available as Home UPS series of inverters. Exide Home UPS carries 15 amp charge current in High charge mode that counts best feature for long power shedding problems. Variants are available as 650VA, 850 VA and 1450 VA.

Price Rs 5,000-8,000
Warranty 2Year
Capacity VA Range offered as 650VA, 850VA and 1450VA.
Features  Digital Display and attractive modern design.

3. Microtek UPS SEBz-Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Microtek UPS SEBz-Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Microtek stands as the leading name in the field of UPS Batteries and UPS inverter, the company has introduced many sine wave inverters but the top seller amongst the list is Microtek UPS SEBz. The best quality about the inverter is its unbeatable price, availability, service and durability.

Price Rs 4,800-5,200
Warranty 2Year
Capacity 100V-300V AV and Standard: 180V-260V AC
Features Efficiency assured worth 80%, protection offered on overload 100% and short circuit 300%.

2. Luminous Sine Wave Inverter

Luminous Sine Wave Inverter

Luminous shares its standing amongst the top three UPS manufacturers in India, with a wide range of sales and service network in India. The ‘UPS Sine’ and ‘ion’ are the most reliable inverter options available.

Price Rs 5,000-7,800
Warranty 2Year
Capacity Regular battery charging from 120V to 300V
Features Automatic Holiday mode preserves battery charge, Digital display.

1. Sukam Shiny 850vA

Sukam Shiny 850vA

The Sukam Shinny series is available in five VA option 250vA, 400vA, 650vA, 850vA and 1500vA. The 850vA model is the most preferred choice for India’s household usage and built with high quality components which mark it as the model No.1.

Price Rs 4015
Warranty 2Year
Capacity SUPC: 1847069
Features Fuzzy logical Control Technology, Extra Protection.



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