Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans with Price In India 2018

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Time and again, electric appliances have been the savior of our routine life. They come in real handy in our daily regime. Ceiling fans are one such electric appliance that’s part of our modern day.

Ceiling fans take the liberty of providing cooler air for the user seated beneath. It helps in lowering the temperature of a room. Apart from the basic functions, they make an erstwhile decorative item too.

But with multiple offerings around available in the market, one can get confused on which ceiling fans they should decide upon. It’s a reason why we’re going for a sneak peek at the 10 best ceiling fans one can buy in India.

Have a look around.

1) Crompton Greaves Seawind

Crompton Greaves Seawind

  •  Crompton Greaves are a well-renowned name in the ceiling fan trade.
  • Their product is an ace in the ceiling fan industry. They are energy efficient and offer maximum performance.

Motor speed- 380 RPM
Speed settings- 4
Blades- 3
Price- Rs. 1345



  • Luminous offers one of the best performing ceiling fans available in the market.
  • This specific model features excellent air delivery and can function on low voltage.

Motor speed- 380 RPM
Speed settings- 4
Blades- 3
Price- Rs. 2090

3) Khaitan Zolta


  • Khaitan is a big time player in the ceiling fan industry. They have been around for ages and have a good brand value.
  • This specific offering from Khaitan features anti-rust design and provides ahigher velocity of themotor.

Motor speed- 380 RPM
Speed settings- 4
Blades- 3
Price- Rs. 1385

4) Surya Faust


  • Ah, the ceiling fans from Surya, a household brand name in India.
  • They have a stylish look paired along with high performing motor.

Motor speed- 390 RPM
Speed settings- 1
Blades- 3
Price- Rs. 1600



  • The list wouldn’t be complete without an entry from Bajaj.
  • This specific model from Bajaj features high-performance motor and has an efficient air delivery.

Motor speed- 380 RPM
Speed settings- 3
Blades- 3
Price- Rs. 1430

6) Orient summer king


  • Orient has been offering fine ceiling fans over the years.
  • This specific model from them features wide blades that allow easy air flow.

Motor speed- 320 RPM
Speed settings- 4
Blades- 3
Price- Rs. 1635

7) Havells velocity


  • Havells, having been established in mid-2003 has emerged as one of the fastest growing electric company in the nation.
  • It offers one of the best features like higher velocity and premium finish with this model.

Motor speed- 350 RPM
Speed settings- 4
Blades- 3
Price- Rs. 1850



  • If you want a recognized brand offering premium product, then go for the ceiling fans from Usha.
  • It features wide blades allowing easy airflow and a high functioning motor.

Motor speed- 400 RPM
Speed settings- 4
Blades- 3
Price- Rs. 1345



  • Orpat offers premium aluminum finish ceiling fans at a very good price range.
  • This specific model of theirs features metallic coatings and wobble free blades.

Motor speed- 360 RPM
Speed settings- 0
Blades- 3
Price- Rs. 1230

10) Standard Stellar Premium Deco


  • If you’re on the hunt for a classy decorative ceiling fan, then stop right here. This specific offering from Standard is the definitive one for you.
  • It features a power-efficient motor allowing better performance even at low voltages.
  • It is available in multi-colors variants

Motor speed- 350 RPM
Speed settings- 4
Blades- 3
Price- Rs. 1892

Hey, how was the list? Did you find the right fit for yourself? We hope you did. That’s all from us on this top 10 best ceiling fans in India to buy. We’ll be back with more, see ya!

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