10 Best Wi-Fi Router Between 1000-2000 Rs. in India 2017

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Back then, when the internet was invented, it was an unknown phenomenon. Gradually with the commercialization of it, the air around the internet became clearer.

It’s has become a considerable part of our life these days. It plays a role in every course of our life.

Using the internet requires multiple adjustments and devices. One such device is a Wi-Fi router. Wi-Fi router does the job of spreading the internet signals for multiple devices to use.

It’s the reason how we are able to access the internet provided by the service providers. Today we’d look to dig deep into the Wi-Fi routers found in India and compile them in our list.

We present you the 10 best Wi-Fi routers to buy in India within Rs 1000- 2000. Go on, follow the trail.

1) TP-LINK 300Mbps TL-WR841N

TP-LINK 300Mbps TL-WR841N

  • One of the top sellers from a well-known brand in internet devices, TP-Link offers a 300 Mbps Wi-Fi router with easy setup.
  • It has stable wireless signals and has WPA/WPA2 advanced encryption system.
  • It has an ergonomic design and features LED indicators.

Wireless speed- 300 Mbps
LAN/WAN- 10/100
Price- Rs 1199

2) Netgear WNR614 N300

  • Our second-in-line is a 300 Mbps Wi-Fi router with WEP features.
  • It has WAP/WAP2 security encryption along with ports for LAN and WAN.
  • It has special features like Advanced Quality of Service (QoS).

Wireless speed- 300 Mbps
LAN/WAN- 10/100 Mbps
Price- Rs 1185

3) D-Link DIR-816 

  •  If the routers with 300 Mbps doesn’t suffice for you, then how about this biggie.
  • It is 750 Mbps Wi-Fi router with external antennae and ISP compatibility with multiple service providers.

Wireless speed- 750 Mbps
LAN/WAN- 10/100
Price- Rs 1975

4) Digisol DG-HR3400

  • Another one of the best sellers around, this one fromDigisol features 300 Mbps router.
  • It has 2 external antennae and features LAN ports.

Wireless speed- 300 Mbps
Price- Rs 1044

5) D-Link DSL-2730U Wireless N 150 ADSL2

  •  If you’re looking for the one with ADSL feature alongside the broadband, then opt for this one from D-Link.
  • It has high-performance wireless along with Total security and QoS.

Wireless speed- 150 Mbps
LAN/WAN- 10/100
Price- Rs 1558

6) iball iB-WRB300N

  • iball is a well-known brand in the Indian market.
  • This wireless router from iball features 300 Mbps speed with external antennae3 and USB ports.

Wireless speed- 300 Mbps
Price- Rs 1099

7) Tenda D152 N150 ADSL2+ Modem

  • Another one for the ADSL enthusiastic, this one features theall-in-one option of router and modem.
  • It has advanced wireless system along with external antennae.

Wireless speed- 150 Mbps
Price- Rs 1199

8) D-Link DSL-2600U

  • Another one from D-Link with inbuilt modem and compatibility with multiple ISP’s.
  • It has LAN port and WAN port with NAT and DMZ firewall.

Wireless speed- 150 Mbps
Price- Rs 1015

9) TP-LINK TL-MR3020 Portable 3G/3.75G/4G

  • This one is a portable wireless router with compatibility for 3G and cable broadband.
  • It has 2 working modes and has IP-based Bandwidth control.
  • It features quick security setup and can share a 3G/4G connection.

Wireless speed- 150 Mbps
LAN/WAN- 10/100
Price- Rs 1348

10) Netgear D500 N150 DSL 

  •  Here’s another one from Netgear.
  • This specific model features 150 Mbps wireless network speed and is compatible with DSL internet service.
  • It has an external antenna and features WPA/WPA2 encryption for safety measures.
  • It has 2 LAN ports and runs on a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

Wireless speed- 150 Mbps
LAN/WAN- 1/10/2000
Price- Rs 1107

Hey, we reach the end of our list. There are pretty great Wi-Fi routers in the range of Rs 1000-2000 available in India and we did our best to list out the top sellers of the market. We hope you found your right fit from the list above.

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