Top 5 Best Cars to buy Under Rs 4.5 Lakhs in India 2017

Cars have become a modern day amenities. There was a time where cars were termed as an outta reach item, but not today. With availability at different price points and the dearth of options, the dream of owning a car has become a reality these days.

Generally, the starting step towards automobile and car is specially geared towards the sub-par range of income. Without making much of a fuss, these small cars are making the rounds for multiple families and homes.

Hence, we came up with a post dedicated to those seeking a car under the range of 4.5 lakhs. Guess what, these are the best of the bunch.

Go on, here your top 5 best cars to buy in India under Rs 4.5 lakhs in India 2016.

1) Hyundai i10 Era

Hyundai i10 Era

  • Hyundai, the South Korean company has run the market for the last few years with their eccentric and ergonomic design and features.
  • This one from Hyundai is a worldwide best seller in the budget option range.
  • It has a full-fledged power packed feature with engine mobilizer, chrome front grille to name a few.
  • Here’s a synopsis of its irresistible features-
Engine Displacement 1086 cc
Power 68.1 Bhp
Torque 99 Nm
Fuel Tank Capacity 35 ltr
Mileage 19.81 km/ltr
Price 4.38 lakhs

2) Datsun redi-GO


  • Having been officially launched back in April of 2016, this one is making rounds in the automobile industry these days even before it hit the road.
  • It has optional music system with halogen headlights. It features driver optional airbag and an engine mobilizer.
  • Here’s what the specs state it.
Engine Displacement 799 cc
Power  53.2 Bhp
Torque 72 Nm
No. of cylinders 3
Mileage 25.17 km/ltr
Price 2.90-3.50 lakhs

3) Renault KWID


  • Renault has been setting benchmarks with its SUV’s for last few years. However, with this smaller model from them, they’re set to rock the small cars segment.
  • It has a factory fitted music system with a champion red fabric upholstery.
  • Currently, one of the best sellers of the bunch, let’s seek a sneak-peek into its specs-
Engine Displacement 799 cc
Power 53.2 Bhp
Torque 72 Nm
Fuel Tank Capacity 28 ltr
Mileage 25.17 km/ltr
Price 2.57-3.44 lakhs

4) Maruti Alto K10


  • Here’s one from the ever present Maruti who have been the most trusted brand in India for years.
  • This one from Maruti is inspired by the popular Alto model. It features excellent mileage along with best-in-class service features for any automobile present in India.
  • It has infotainment music system along with fabric upholstery seats.
  • It features 5 seating capacity in 2 rows.
  • The specs are mentioned below-
Engine Displacement 998 cc
Power 67.1 Bhp
Torque 90 Nm
Fuel Tank Capacity 35 ltr
Mileage 24.07 km/ltr
Price 3.29-4 lakhs

5) Hyundai Eon


  • Well, it’s a testament to this South Korean company that they make their second entry into our list of best 5.
  • Hyundai Eon is a miniature model offered by the company with all the sporty and glittery feel of the high specmodels.
  • It has anelegant look along with great mileage. It also features airbags on the driver side.
  • Here’s what the specstable has to say about it-
Engine Displacement 814 cc
Power 55.2 Bhp
Torque 74.5 Nm
Fuel Tank Capacity 32ltr
Mileage 21.1 km/ltr
Price 3.28- 3.68 lakhs

So off we reach to the end of our post. Need a guide on what might be the best bit for you and your family, refer this. Guess what, these are probably worth more than a dime a shot. The showroom’s laden with them, don’t wait out.

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