Top 6 Best Massagers With Price In India 2017

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Electric Massagers are becoming a common trend these days. They are big business and can be found everywhere. It is important to choose the right massagers that benefit you and has the best features. It is also important to check safety features of the massager and ensure that these massagers are used as per the instructions mentioned. With so many massagers in the market, manufacturers are trying to outdo each other with special pricing discounts and advanced features packed into their massagers. Let’s look at the six best massagers available in India.

6. Dolphin Infrared Hammer Full Body Massager

Price: Rs. 622

This amazing full body massager comes with three separate attachments to enhance burning fat and improve blood circulation in the body. The Dolphin Infrared Hammer Massager reduces muscle ache and helps build the immune system of the body. It also integrates three innovative functions – infrared ray, hammering massage & magnetic therapy. Infrared rays function on your body and reduce aches. Magnetic therapy improves metabolism and improves blood circulation. Hammering massage relaxes the muscles and prevents aches and sprains. This amazing massager also comes with three speeds that can be adjusted as per your preference.

5. Varichlotus Dolphin Vibration Full Body Massager

Price: Rs. 610

The Varichlotus Dolphin Full Body Massager offers pain relief and relaxes the muscles to give a soothing effect on the body. This body massager reduces pain in the muscles and helps with burning fats. This massager helps improve circulation of blood and helps build immunity using innovative hammering massage, infrared rays, and magnetic therapy.

4. Manipol Full Body Massager

Price: Rs. 695

This amazing full body massager is made of imported parts and is extremely durable. The Manipol Full Body Massager enhances weight loss by reducing weight and burning fat. This massager works wonders especially during cold weather. Regular use of the body massager eases back pain and also reduces stress on the shoulders and neck.

3. Relax & Tone Body Massager

Price: Rs. 597

The Relax & Tone Body Massager appears extremely elegant and is compact and easy to use. It is safe to use and is extremely effective. With the Relax & Tone Body Massager works wonders for your body and the results can be seen in a few weeks. This massager enhances weight loss by burning fat and reduces muscle stress by relaxing the muscles.

2. Double Body Massager

Price: Rs. 789

The Double Body Massager comes with four attachments for different kind of massages. It is designed for a complete and restorative body massage by providing exposure to vibration. This massager can be used to remove stress from the body after training and exercise. This massager benefits the muscle tissues and helps improve blood circulation in the body. Another benefit of this body massager helps improve metabolism and removal of harmful toxins.

1. Ozomax Full Body Magnetic Professional Massager

Ozomax Full Body Magnetic Professional Massager

Price: Rs. 564

This amazing 17 in 1 massager is the complete package for your body. It comes with dual speed functionality to give your body a massage as per your need. It comes with 17 different attachments that work on different parts of the body. The compact design provides a vigorous and strong massage that relaxes the muscles very effectively. This massager also stimulates nerves by its advanced Reflexology Therapy. This therapy helps improve blood circulation and considerably enhances metabolism. The 17 attachments of this massager is perfect for full body physiotherapy. It relaxes muscles and provides relief from pain and fatigue. Its aesthetic design and stream lined body make it easy to use and can reach the difficult parts of the body with ease. The massager weighs just 730 grams, making it extremely portable to carry around. This massager also helps with weight loss by burning fats efficiently and making you feel good about yourself again.

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